Photo Tour Yangshuo Guilin

In winwin travels, we offer four photo tour routes :

1), Mountain Scenery Route:

In this route you will have wonderful materials for photographing, such as: mountain views, orchids of kumquats,  villages and villagers in the mountain area.

2), Countryside Scenery Route:

Enjoy the beautiful countryside views and take pictures: the local agriculure, the farming people, karst hills and  the refletion of mountains on rivers... .

3), Ethnic Minorities Route:

Go to Rive Terrace in Dazhai or Ping'an or go to Guizhou, you will have a good opportunity to photograph the marvelous view of the terrace and the unique life of Zhuang People or Yao People or the Dong people.

4), Characters Route:

Interested in charactors? Come with us, we will show you to meet  different people you are interested in: kids, adults, people in working, in learning... .